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"I've played a lot of different brand guitars over the years. Nothings beats my new Norton Firestarter. My first custom guitar. Thanks to Liam Norton for this beast. If anyone wants a custom guitar, and I mean custom I wouldnt go any further then a Norton Music Factory guitar made here in Australia."

A. Mackay


“During my recent visit to the Norton Factory, I saw this FS Custom and I have to admit, I've got gold fret envy. My own Firestarter is absolutely one of a kind and I'm really happy with it. Now saving for my next one. Top quality build, top quality finish and components from Liam Norton."

R. Chesterman


“ I traditionally played Gibson Les Paul guitars but I wanted something fully customized to me and with the price of a Gibson Custom Guitars and the lack of individual custom choices that wasn't an option, until I met Liam at Norton Music Factory who hooked me up with the beast, the Sythe. It is a work of art. The ergonomics and playability is par to none. Nothing is off limits with Liam he will customize your guitar to suit all your needs. Definitely will be coming back."