Custom Guitar Buying Guide

Choosing the right guitar is like finding the right clothes or shoes. It’s about finding the perfect fit for you. During the selecting process, you have to consider various factors that go into before deciding your perfect fit. This can include checking the kind of garments and styles used, designs, price and even brands.

To end up with a customised functional and durable guitar that you want, it’ll require some idea gathering from the guitar luthier. When customising your guitar, you can always seek help from the luthier to help you guide your selection process. The best thing about being customisation is you can always seek help from the luthier to ensure that you will be guided on your selecting process. They will help you understand your selection process as well as give personal tips from experience to help you narrow down your selections.

Before you go to your guitar builder, here are some questions that you might need to ask yourself first in order to get a wonderful experience in designing your first-ever custom-made guitar:

What size of guitar neck is right and comfortable for me to use?

As there are various sizes to choose from, it’s important to find what is comfortable and right for you. You can figure this out by trying different sized guitars and seeing which ones fit best for you or asking the luthier for their professional opinion.


What kind of sound do I want to hear from my guitar?

This part will usually depend on what type of music you’re interested in creating. You may check the different pickup configurations in helping you find the right sound for you or find a trustable source online that explains them in detail.


How do I want the guitar to look like?

You can choose the materials, colours and design of your guitar. It’s important to take note that some materials may be limited to certain colours and styles. You can create a mockup design for your guitar or look for online examples of designs you want. The final product will reflect the type of person you are so it’s important to choose the design aspects of your guitar wisely.


Always ask questions to the luthier to clarify any queries that you have. It would also help if you will do your own research about custom-made guitar so that you will get more idea of how your guitar will be made perfectly according to your style and need.